Is 100 Calories of Sugar the New Key to Weight Loss?

A new diet has emerged claiming that people who limit their sugar intake to just 100 calories are more able to lose weight. This means that just two apples could tip you over the edge of your recommended amount! Fitness experts are claiming that hidden sugars in foods are the reason behind stomach fat, and by cutting back on them, you’ll find losing weight a lot easier. It’s thought that those who followed the plan for four weeks lost an average of 18lbs. There is an easy way of deciphering what sugar lay lurking in your meals, so that you don’t go overboard. It’s a simple equation – you need to times the total carbs by four. So, for example, there are 20 total carbs in an apple – multiply that number by four and you’re left with 80 sugar calories, nearly your entire quota for the day. Not only are sugars bad for your weight, they have also been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.


This diet rules out many of the foods that were once on the safe list for dieters, such as brown rice and fruit, that can lead to damage due to their high sugar content. The diet requires a lot of willpower, as it relies on many foods being removed from your diet, but it seems to offer great results in terms of weight loss. The diet has an accompanying book which offers people diet tips, shopping lists and meal ideas, to help them stick to it. Experts claim that this diet is far more effective that the Atkins diet, though it falls down on its lack of flexibility.


The lack of flexibility may be outweighed for some, though, by the surprising treats you’ll be allowed in place of fruit, bread and rice. Whipped cream and red wine, for example, are fine as they only contain 14 sugar calories, so these don’t pose a problem in terms of your diet. Of course, exercise still plays an important part, as with all weight loss diets. If you’re starting a new diet, speak to your GP first to ensure it is safe for you to try.

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