Basil and Eucalyptus: Natural Ways to Stop an Asthma Attack

If you suffer from asthma attacks, you probably know what to do to guard your wellbeing against them. But if you don’t have asthma yourself, and a friend is struck by an attack, what should you do? It can be scary to see someone you know having an asthma attack – especially if they are without their inhaler – but there are several natural methods you can use when asthma rears its ugly head. Remember to be calm, call a doctor, and do what you can using these tips.

1. Crack out the coffee – A hot beverage like coffee is perfect for improving the wellbeing of someone suffering an asthma attack. Coffee works wonders for unblocking the air passage and warming the breathing pathways that counteract constriction experienced during the asthma attack. If the person having an attack can’t drink it, get them to smell hot coffee or the beans.

2. Experience eucalyptus oil – Eucalyptus oil helps to cure asthma attack by calming the sufferer’s nerves and working far more quickly than a hot beverage. Also, as you don’t need to prepare it, as with coffee, using eucalyptus oil saves even more time. If your wellness is affected by asthma attacks, the best thing to do is keep some eucalyptus oil on you at all times, and have it in hand when you sense an attack or start to feel the symptoms.

3. Believe in basil leaf juice and honey – Drinking a blend of basil leaf juice and honey has helped many asthma patients who suffered from attacks. This is because basil juice and honey induces anti-inflammatory properties to the affected person’s throat tubes in a short span of time, and so the treatment helps to chuck-out air efficiently.

4. Embrace the right environment – If you’re in a congested and dusty place, you’re in an area where asthma attacks thrive. The best thing to do is to take the asthma sufferer to an open area, where he or she can breathe more freely (away from asthma triggers such as dust, smoke and perfume). However, cold air can also trigger asthma attacks, so make sure the open area you take your friend to is warm or humid. If you’re in a home, you can run a hot shower to help the sufferer to recover.

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