High Powered New Yorkers take IV Vitamins for Extra Energy

High powered New Yorkers have found an innovative new way to take their vitamins, minerals and supplements. Some are now claiming that they boost their wellness with $1,000 vitamin drip bags, which feed into their veins directly through an IV drip.

What started out as a bizarre Hollywood craze, with celebrities attempting to improve their wellbeing through being attached to a vitamin drip has now spread across the country and has now hit the elite section of Manhattan.

Most of the people who are trying this out are thought to be high-powered business women. Some of them choose to be attached to the vitamin drip for a shorter period during their lunch break or after work, whilst others choose to spend up to three hours in the chair at a time, attached to a vitamin drip.

Each session of the intravenous vitamins costs up to $1,000 and they are then tube-fed a mixture of nutrients which are reputed to boost their energy levels and leave them with a healthy, youthful glow. Many also claim that the vitamins help to improve their minds and sharpen their performances in the corporate world.

These treatments are not FDA-approved medical treatments, but yet the IVS are now on offer at many physicians’ offices. Treatments are generally inserted for around 30 to 60 minutes at a time.

One such physician, a gynaecologist in New York called Dr Marcia Harris, gives these treatments at her office and claims that she has seen a 33 per cent rise in the demand for this particular type of treatment.

Celebrities such as Simon Cowell back the treatment, with Cowell claiming that the weekly IV drip of magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin B12 keeps his liver healthy.

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