Why Are Women Reluctant to Try Using a Female Condom?

Even though female condoms have been on the sexual wellness market for 20 years, they’ve never gained mainstream popularity like the male ones. Every year, 1500 million male condoms are made compared to just three million female ones, but why are they less popular? Why don’t women want to take charge of their own sexual wellbeing, and become less dependent on males for contraception?


The female condom is much thinner than the male one and is made of nitrile instead of latex. Because of this, the female condom is much more pleasurable, and it also has two rings which further help to improve stimulation. Female condoms also make sex less painful as it provides lubrication, and as it traps the blood during your period it means that sex doesn’t ever have to be off the menu. Plus, if you’re allergic to latex, the female condom gives you an option of barrier protection that protects you from STIs and unwanted pregnancies.


So that’s the upside of the female condom but what about the disadvantages? You might be put off straight away by the price of female condoms, as they cost up to four times more than the same amount of male condoms. Moreover, as the condom requires you to lie down, raise your legs and guide the condom into your vagina while using a lubricant, many users complain that it’s hard to put on and can be a real downer in moments of passion – do you have the inclination to stop in the heat of the moment and crack out the instructions? Still, when you weigh up the pros and cons, it seems like female condoms are at least worth a try!


However, if you’re still worried about taking your sexual health into your own hands, here are some tips to help you use your female condoms:


  • Guide the condom in as far as you can without twisting it.
  • When it’s time for sex, make sure your partner’s penis doesn’t slip into the space between your vagina and the condom.
  • Never use your female condom with a male condom.
  • If your female condom slips out during sex, use a new one with better lubrication

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