The Importance of Work/Life Balance More Vital Than Ever

It is hard in today’s corporate-driven world to keep a health work/life balance, but more studies than ever have proved that your wellness is strongly linked to how able you are to achieve this. People who do not prioritise their wellbeing and let their work life take over often fall victim to numerous mental and physical health conditions.

Many people, however, claim that they are only happy when they are multitasking. Some people simply cannot settle to one task at any one time, and have to be simultaneously checking twitter, e-mailing, doing work and booking a dentist appointment.

Others claim that the concept of work/life balance is now totally outdated in a world where people are constantly connected to their computers and phones, 24 hours a day, seven days per week. This blurs the lines between work and home and perhaps even makes them nonexistent.

Have you ever checked your work e-mails before falling asleep, for example? Or worked on an important pitch or client portfolio over the weekend? Taken a business call when in a restaurant with your partner or standing in line at the cinema? If any of the above sounds familiar, it is likely that you too are blurring the lines between work and home, and thus not achieving a good work/life balance.

As this separation of work and home is so impossible, it is vital, then, that you find other ways to achieve work/life balance. This can be done by simply striving to be fully committed to whatever you are doing. Maintain your focus on one task before switching to the next. Make sure that you schedule in time to rest and relax: recharging the batteries is important. Try also to keep your stress levels in check – there is nothing more damaging to either your corporate or home life than stress.

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