Could You Be Killing Off Your Brain Cells Every Day?

Your brain cells are constantly dying, and this is what contributes to the process of cognitive decline. As your brain cells die, the wellness and wellbeing of your brain decreases and you lose the ability to think, process and reason. It can also affect your memory and your ability to think critically and problem solve.


This is a natural process that occurs with age, but there are also many things in your day-to-day life which could be killing off your brain cells. These things are not particularly well-known so people are often unaware of the damage that they could be doing to their brains. They are also often unaware of the ways in which they could be keeping their brain healthy.


Alcohol is one of the major culprits in this. Too much alcohol kills off brain cells and can be very damaging for your cognitive function. Drugs are also a serious culprit in the killing off of brain cells. Drugs like cocaine in particular are extremely damaging for brain cells. Smoking is another surefire way to kill off your brain cells. Not only does inhaling toxic cigarette smoke kill off your brain cells, but it actually prevents the growth of new brain cells.


Eating unhealthy food is another reason that brain cells may be killed off. The nutrients in healthy food help to make the brain fully functioning and if these nutrients are not provided in the diet then the brain dies off.


It stands to reason, also, that concussion can be damaging for the brain, too. Although you can’t entirely guard against accidents, you can take appropriate precautions such as wearing a helmet when you are doing a dangerous job, such as construction, or when you play a contact sport.

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