How To Protect Your Wellness When You’re Travelling

When you are travelling, it can be all too easy to focus on relaxation, sightseeing and to forget about the seeming ‘chore’ of taking care of your wellness and wellbeing. This is a big mistake, though, as it is precisely when you are away from home that you should be looking after your health, as any problems with your health can have a very adverse effect on your enjoyment of your travelling or vacation.


There are a number of key areas that you should focus on when considering the implications of staying healthy and safe when you’re travelling.


The number one consideration is probably the impact of the sun. This remains the case whether you are travelling within the UK or in hotter climates, as the sun can be equally damaging in both. Getting sun burnt is extremely uncomfortable but can also be very dangerous to your health as it increases your risk of skin cancer. If you burn just five times, your risk of getting skin cancer are more than doubled – and by this we mean the most lethal kind of skin cancer. To combat this, make sure you are well covered up with sun cream and that you wear a sun hat if you are going to be outside for any length of time.


Secondly, don’t forget to eat healthily and take exercise even when on holiday. Most people gain weight when on holiday or travelling, and have to go on a strict diet when they get home. Instead of yoyo-ing in this way, why not keep to a healthy diet whilst away and take some moderate exercise. You can often find fun holiday exercises to do, such as swimming in the sea or going horse riding.


Whilst travelling you should also make sure that you wash your hands. This is the most effective way to help prevent diseases. A study has recently found that only five percent of people actually wash their hands properly so make sure you give them a good scrub.

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