Could Party Drugs be Causing Increased Rates in HIV?

Gay men in London are putting their sexual health at risk when they take so-called party drugs, a new study has found. Statistics showed that HIV infections amongst the gay community in London were soaring, and those who work in the sexual health industry in the capital say that the wellness and well-being of gay men is adversely affected due to an increasing culture of taking party drugs.


The phrase used was ‘chaotic and harmful’, describing the increased link between drugs and gay sex. Figures released recently by Public Health England show that the rates of people contracting HIV in London have increased dramatically since last year, with a rise of over 20 percent. Charities that deal with HIV and AIDS are warning on the strength of these new figures as the increase in virus represents an extremely serious public health crisis for the United Kingdom.


Across the country as a whole, the rate of people contracting the HIV infection increased by eight percent, with around 3,240 new infections reported last year in the gay male group. These figures were even higher in the capital city amongst the gay community.


HIV/AIDS is a serious health concern because it can cause serious damage to the immune system and can even threaten life. It is also dangerous because men who do not realise that they are carrying the disease do not properly manage it and could pass it on to others. Also, left untreated, it severely damages their immune system, resulting in illness.


More and more men are using drugs at parties, including mephedrone, crystal methamphetamine and cocaine, and this can lead to risky sexual behaviours, which can result in the spread of the infection.

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