Migraine Misery: Eight Simple Steps to a Pain-Free Mind

Migraine is a big health concern for those whose wellness is afflicted by it, causing extreme headaches, nausea, vomiting and visual, sensory or motor irregularities. Scientists believe that migraine has some connection with a change in the brain chemicals, nerve pathways, brain tissues or blood flow to the brain, and multiple lifestyle triggers can set it off. However, you can find relief from your pain using eight simple and natural remedies.


1. Stop stress. Anxiety and stress can severely aggravate your migraine so try to find a stress-reducing technique that works for you. This may include having a relaxing bath with a few drops of essential oil added to it, using lavender candles, listening to soft music or having a aromatic body massage.


2. Breathe better. You may tend to take shallow breaths when your pain is at its peak, but deep slow breaths will help you relax, and so overthrow your migraine.


3. Secure your sleep pattern. Nothing helps your wellness quite like a good night’s sleep, so make sure you go to bed early enough and get your regular eight hours. Having a regular, healthy sleep pattern will help you to feel more fit, fresh and energised.


4.  Enjoy exercise. Not only does exercise help to reduce stress, but it also gets the blood pumping round your brain. However, after a bad migraine attack, something too strenuous could negatively affect your well-being, so go for walking or yoga.


5. Make time for a massage. Getting someone to massage your head with up and out strokes helps to boost your blood circulation in the brain and ward off migraine. Tell your masseur to start at the back of your neck, move up towards the base of your skull, and pull downwards again. This should be followed by pressure on the side of your head.


6. Fear the food triggers. If you’re going through a particularly bad spell of migraines, try to avoid foods that will set you off. This means eliminating chocolate, processed foods, carbonated and/or caffeinated drinks and foods high in additives.


7. Dream of darkness. A dark, quite environment can be a major help when you’re suffering a migraine, so switch off the lights, place an ice pack on your forehead and lie down. This will help to lessen the inflammation of veins in your forehead.


8. Have hope in herbs. Certain herbs can improve the blood circulation in your brain, so try yarrow, ginkgo, cayenne, dong quai and tindel flowers.

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