Desk Buddies: Eight Really Cool Gadgets to Make You Smile

You spend a lot of time at your desk, so surely that little table is responsible for a certain amount of your corporate wellness. Thanks to some really cool technology, there are now hundreds of desk toys and gadgets that can put a smile on your face and help you get things done, so we rounded up eight of the best desk gadgets around.


1. “Sun” Lights. Also known as happy lights, these special bulbs increase your body’s production of vitamin D which make you feel happier. Plus, vitamin D helps to maintain your metabolism, immunity, nervous system, and bone density.


2. LaCie Rugged USB. While a USB drive may not increase your endorphin output, this one will certainly give you better peace of mind. With its protective, bright orange cover, drop resistance of up to 100 metres and a secure encryption, you’ll never have to worry about that little stick again.


3. Wacom Inkling. Efficiency expert Ari Meisel claims that freeing your mind is one of the best ways to be productive, so instead of worrying about lost pieces of paper, have a little doodle and let the Wacom Inkling do the rest. This gadget converts pen and paper into digital vector or image formats for easy reference.


4. USB Greenhouse. According to masters of feng shui, greenery with rounded leaves creates a calming affect while bamboo and other upward-pointing plants are great for providing energy. Moreover, having plants around, even when plugged in on a USB, can make you happier, more productive and less prone to sickness.


5. Desktop Vacuum. If a tidy desk means a tidy mind then having a “Henry the Desktop Hoover” can help free your workspace of clutter and debris, and make you smile in the meantime.


6. Stand-Up Desks. Ernest Hemingway used a standing desk for wellness and weight loss reasons, and there is some evidence to suggest that it actually works. Stand Up or Sit-Stand desks are better for your posture and can even improve your creativity and performance.


7. Keepon. This is basically the cute little blobby thing you’ve seen on the EDF energy ads (and who wouldn’t want that little guy sitting on your desk?!). In the Keepon, there are sophisticated sensors which cause it to react to commands, noise and pressure. You can pat it on the head, poke it or tickle it until your heart’s content, unless you’re worried about a few stares from co-workers.


8. Red Knock Out Bag and Stress Balls. You should never take your workplace stress out on those around you (even if they’re the ones causing the stress!) but holding it in isn’t doing your well-being any favours either. Take it out on a mini punching bag or a stress ball before throwing punches.

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