Improve Your Bedroom Performance with Kegel Exercises

While you might be after certain exercises to improve your fitness levels or overall wellbeing, wouldn’t it be nice if there were ones that also gave your sexual wellness a boost? Luckily, there is! Kegel exercises are performed to strengthen the Pubococcygeus muscle or PC, and this helps to promote better sexual health. And boys, you can do it too.


Both men and women can do Kegel exercises to strengthen their pelvic muscles – in fact, wellness experts recommend Kegel if you suffer from prostate pain. Plus, one of the major highlights of Kegel is that it helps to reduce for pre-mature ejaculation. Less prostate pain and a longer performance in the bedroom? Surely no man would say no to that! However, before you can start Kegel exercises, you first need to locate your PC muscle. Understanding your PC muscles is easy to learn at home without any training. As a man, it tend to involve tensing the muscles in your pelvic floor until you find the one that makes your penis jump. To make the movement of the penis easier to observe, most men find it’s easier to do this when erect.


So that’s the guys, but what about the ladies? Whether your pelvic muscles have become weak from exercise, childbirth or just general damage, Kegel exercises for women can help to restore your strength, which will increase stimulation during intercourse and, in turn, the length and intensity of your orgasms. When locating the right muscle, place a finger in your vagina and squeeze around it. You know you are using the right muscle when you feel pressure around your finger. Apart from the muscles right around your vagina, try to keep everything relaxed and don’t bear down or squeeze your thigh, back or abdominal muscles. Also, remember to breathe slowly and deeply.


So here’s your three-step plan to Kegel exercises:


1. Sitting or lying down, contract the muscles you would use to stop urinating. Your pelvic muscles should squeeze your urethra and anus, but you shouldn’t tighten your stomach or bum.


2. When the muscle is locate, squeeze for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds.


3. Do this three times a day, or even more for better results!

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