How to Boost Your Sexual Pleasure With Kegels

It’s advised by the experts that omen should all be doing their kegel exercises on a daily basis in order to maintain strong pelvic floor muscles, which help to maintain a good sexual function and pleasure. Many complain of a reduced sex drive and diminishing pleasure when they’ve been together for a long time, but this is a way of combating that issue. The main cause of these muscles weakening is childbirth and pregnancy, but excessive weight can also be a cause of the muscles slackening. Men can also strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, even though this is normally associated with women. Here are some of the best ways to strengthen these muscles for a better sex life with easy exercises you can do throughout the day.


Whilst standing

Identifying the pubococcygeus (the medical term for the pelvic floor muscles) is the first step in practicing your exercising. These are located on the broad strip which begins near the base of your spine, just above the anus, and runs up to the sphincter muscles. In order to work these muscles, you need to contract the muscles, hold for a second or two, then release. Once you’ve worked out how to do them accurately, you can do them wherever you are – from sitting at your desk at work to standing in the queue at the supermarket. You should start off contracting these muscles in the standing position, in a relaxed manner to begin with and then contracting the pelvic floor muscles around 20 to 25 times. You only need to contract these muscles though – your abdomen, thighs and hip muscles should remain relaxed.


Lying down

Ensure that you empty your bladder before giving these exercises a try. Lying on a mat, bend your legs at the knees, engage and contract the muscles around 20 to 25 times. Again, make sure you only contract the pelvic floor muscles – if you’re needing to contract other parts of your body, you’re not performing the exercises correctly.


Sitting down

Sit in a chair in a relaxed manner, keep your hands on your knees. Take a slow, deep breath in and contract the muscles along the pelvic floor. Hold your breath for around 30 seconds and keep your pelvic floor contracted the whole time. These exercises can be performed by men and women alike.


With an exercise ball

Sitting or leaning on an exercise ball can heighten your exercises and make them all the more powerful. Begin in a relaxed manner and either sit or lean on the ball, with your hands on the ground for additional support. Take a deep and slow breath in and contract the pelvic floor muscles. holding the muscles contracted and the breath for around 30 seconds. Slowly release the contraction as your exhale.


Kegel balls or cones

As an alternative to a regular exercise ball, you can use a kegel ball which has been specifically designed for this purpose. It’s made up of either plastic or metal and has a string attached so you can retrieve it easily. You insert the ball into the vagina and contract the muscles around it, trying to move it up and down using just your vaginal muscles. Kegel cones are a similar device, which vary in weight and size depending on the strength of the muscles. Naturally, given the way the device is used, these are only suitable for women. If you’re looking to boost your sexual pleasure naturally, these exercises are great for strengthening the muscles and helping you to retain better control of bladder leakages.

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