Mental Combat: Strengthening Your Addiction Action Plan

Just because combatting drug addiction requires you to make behavioural changes, this doesn’t negate the fact that drug addiction is a disease. It’s not as easy as just quitting; you have to ensure your fighting your negative behaviours in the best way possible, as it is a complex brain disease that you’re up against. This means taking care of your wellbeing, and guarding your mental wellness against temptations. Here are five ways that you can make your addiction action plan more effective:


Admit you have a problem

You cannot get over your addiction until you first admit that there’s a problem. By denying that you are abusing drugs – whether to yourself or to others – you are only putting obstacles in the way of realising the problem has a solution. Acknowledging the problem helps to shape the solution, moving your mindset from avoidance to action.


Avoid places where temptation is likely

You can’t rely on other people to stop abusing drugs; it’s your problem and your responsibility to avoid places where drug abuse can occur. Eliminate triggers from your life, such as environmental triggers and friendships with other drug addicts.


Only put good things into your body

Easy-to-eat and nutritious foods, such as soup, and protein will help to give you the mental strength you need to fight withdrawal symptoms, and keep your blood sugar at the optimal level. You can also benefit from darky leafy vegetables and anything that has a low sugar content. You might want to consult your doctor about the potential benefits of supplements.


Get group support

A support group can help you face and solve the issues that arise when you combat drug addiction. You may choose Narcotics Anonymous, which is for for all kinds of drug abuse rehabilitation, Smart Recovery, which is geared towards helping you learn new ways to avoid addictive behaviour.


Develop new interests and hobbies

Having a new routine can help to distract you from your cravings, so take up constructive hobbies like a new exercise or sport, volunteering or learning a new instrument. Exercise will improve your mental and physical strength, volunteering will make you feel better for doing something positive with your time and learning a new instrument will give you a sense of achievement.

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