How to Achieve Younger Looking Skin at Any Age

There isn’t an art to growing old gracefully, it just seems that we’ve forgotten the best tips and tricks of the past – after all, surgery wasn’t always an option. For women who believe that surgery is now the only way to hold back the years, there is a little reminder – 80 percent of ageing is caused by environmental factors, which you do have control over. In other words, if you prevent ageing in the first instance, you won’t need to resort to drastic measures to take back those lines and wrinkles. There are many anti-ageing routines which flood the magazines and websites every day, but the most simple approach is this: protect your skin, use a regular skincare regime and lead a healthy lifestyle. Cutting back on the stress in your life will also help, as stress is one of the most common reasons for premature ageing.


The first, and arguably most important, rule of thumb is to wear sunscreen everyday. Sun exposure is one of the leading contributors to ageing prematurely. But it’s not just tanning that does this, it’s also the UV rays which we are exposed to every day. This is why an SPF is vital every day, even if the sun doesn’t seem so bright. This simple yet effective trick will minimize skin damage and lines, as well as keep your skin smooth and supple. You should apply liberally, though – smearing a thin layer on will reduce the SPF of the lotion. A shot glass size should be used to cover your body, and a teaspoonful can be used on your face. Also, don’t forget your sunnies – sunglasses help to protect the delicate eye area from the sun, as well as stopping you from squinting which causes lines and crow’s feet. The less you can do this the better, as over time these kinds of movements will lead to ageing signs on your face.

If you smoke, quitting as soon as possible is vital for your health, as well as your appearance. Not only is smoke responsible for breaking down the collagen in your skin, leading to faster ageing, but it also makes your skin slower to heal. To fight the damage caused by smoking, experts recommend plenty of antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, and green tea. You should also be conscious of any movements you make with your face on a repetitive basis, as these are the areas where you’ll notice lines and wrinkles more quickly. For example, if you’re always drinking through a straw or frowning, you’ll notice that these areas line more quickly. Cleansing with a product containing alpha hydroxy acids can help to remove the top layer of dead skin so that you can reveal the smoother layer underneath. These type of cleansers unclog the pores, too, so that your skin appears smoother and brighter. Combine this with a hydrating moisturiser to keep the new layer of skin supple. Your diet plays an important role in the appearance of your skin too, though, so you should be mindful of what you’re eating. Fruit and vegetables are obviously important, but you should also cut back on sugary and fatty foods too. Combining this with plenty of water will help to ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out too much – this can lead to lines. Your lifestyle heavily contributes towards how you look, from your weight to your facial appearance. Small changes to this can really make a difference in keeping you looking healthier and younger for longer.

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