Female-Targeted Supplements to Boost Women’s Health

With so many supplements on the market, it can be difficult knowing where to begin in finding one that suits your body and needs. A new range of female-targeted supplements known as femMED have been released that take the confusion out of these dietary additions and to deal with specific problems that women encounter every day. Using the highest quality ingredients possible and 100% natural, these supplements are backed by a wealth of research and clinical trials to ensure that they’re not only safe but also effective. Shawna Page, who created the line of supplements, says that she was inspired by natural health remedies but found that the range of supplements already on the market didn’t target the areas of her body that she wanted to improve. She wanted to create supplements for women at every stage of their lives, from teens to the elderly. Our health changes as we age, so it’s important that we reflect that with the supplements we take. FemMED has taken this into account and created a range that reflects how different women are at these stages of life.


Shawna claims that it’s important to take supplements in order to boost your health in areas that your diet is lacking. If everyone ate a balanced diet of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, dairy and whole grains every day, there would be no need for supplements. However, in today’s age of fast food and quick meals, most people are lacking in vitamins and minerals that will eventually lead to health problems, from dry skin and hair to more serious conditions. Supplements are a quick and easy way of preventing chronic disease, improving your wellbeing and filling in the gaps that your diet has left. While they are no replacement for a balanced diet, they certainly ensure that you remain healthy. FemMED is a line of 13 products which are specifically for women and take the worry out of choosing a supplement for your needs. Addressing the most common health problems that women face, these supplements are far more appealing that choosing from an extensive range of complex formulas. Not only that, but every product in the range can be combined to target multiple health concerns and they use vegetarian caps. The range was created with a selection of health professionals, from herbalists to gynaecologists and obstetricians, so that every health concern was considered. Research has been extensive so that Shawna could ensure they were safe and effective.

The philosophy behind the range was to allow women to take control of their health and wellness – education, Shawna believes, is the key to having the confidence to challenge suggestions and empower women to take control of their diets. Traditional allopathic doctors won’t necessarily lead to a completely fantastic diet, and they won’t have all the answers to your dietary questions. For example, it’s not always necessary to use medication for your condition if a supplement can do the same job. Your health plan for improved wellbeing should include a healthy and balanced diet, regular physical activity, no smoking and limited alcohol intake, plenty of sleep, well managed stress and nutritional supplements. Of course, if something doesn’t feel right or you’re worried about your health,  you should speak to your GP who can check for any serious conditions. It’s best to be aware of your body so that you can make a note of changes in your health and catch any potential health problems early before they develop.

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