How to Make Time for Sex Once You’ve Had a Baby

Many couples worry about their dwindling sex life after having a baby, but it’s key to remember that this is entirely normal when a baby arrives. For most couples, intimacy takes a backseat as you’re suddenly far busier than you were before. Women, in particular, are not only now very preoccupied with their newborn but also hormonal and not really in the mood. It’s easy for this stage to go on longer than it needs to, and before you know it months have passed and your sex life is non-existant. There are ways to get your sex life back on track though and rekindle the romance, even with a baby in the family. The first thing to remember is that all women gain a little bit of weight during pregnancy – it’s perfectly normal. For a lot of new mothers, this weight gain can put them off the idea of sex. But there’s no need for this to be the case – your weight isn’t an issue to your partner, so it needn’t be to you. Enjoy sex the same way that you did before you got pregnant, remember that the weight will come off eventually, and after a while you’ll wonder what you were even worried about.
Be excited when your partner comes home from work, rather than stressed and angry – that’s not a turn on for anyone. By the same token, men should be excited to see their partners too, and to make them feel special and appreciated. If you’re wondering about ways to ensure that you really are excited, why not engage in a little foreplay before the real foreplay begins? Send your lover a sexy email or text while they’re at work so that they know you’re thinking about them. It’ll be a real turn on and will ignite a little passion back into your relationship. It may not be sexy, but a schedule can be really useful to couples who find themselves too busy for sex. Why not set one night aside each week for a date night, where you can spend some time together and chat – ask a friend or relative if they can babysit now and again to give you and your partner some time off. It’s important not to lose your sexual connection as a couple – it’s easily lost if you don’t put the effort in. Talk to each other before you go to sleep, email or text during the day, and don’t ignore each other when you’re in and around the house – keep things positive and don’t spend all of your time discussing bills or the laundry!
Fatigue can seriously affect your desire to have sex, so make time for resting and warming up for sex. Foreplay is the way to do this, so don’t forget to make time for it – it can be the difference between a mediocre and an amazing sexual experience. And why not try sneaking around the house to keep things fun and exciting? If you’re worried about time or the difficulty in having sex elsewhere in the house, why not have oral sex instead? This can be great for women who find that their hormones are affecting their sex drive. Most importantly, don’t forget your relationship – it needs nurturing as well. Many couples find themselves so preoccupied by their baby that they lose sight of the fact that they have their relationship to think of as well. The effort made will be well worth it, and will ensure you have a healthy sex life well into your relationship.

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