Everything That You Need to Know About Having an Orgasm

Did you know that orgasm can be the best type of natural pain relief? Research has also proved that women who ‘self-medicate’ if you like, by being in touch with their sexual health and exploring orgasms on their own, have better general wellness and wellbeing; they tend to suffer from fewer headaches and can relieve generalised muscular pain and the symptoms of stress.


Not every woman is confident about having an orgasm, however, and even those who are may not be aware that there are different types of orgasm.


One of the most important things for a woman to be able to orgasm is actually her mental state. Research has shown that women can actually have orgasms purely by thinking herself into a state of sexual arousal, with no physical contact needed. This means that in order to have an orgasm, women should concentrate on making sure that they feel emotionally aroused, too.


There is also a myth that women can only have orgasms through vaginal intercourse; in truth, most women don’t have orgasms through penetrative sex alone, and instead need clitoral contact too, in order to reach a climax.


Woman also have a hidden ‘G-spot’ in the anterior wall of the vagina, and when this is stimulated it can be quite pleasurable for women. Other types of orgasm include nipple, perineum and cervical.


Most people believe that a ‘combined orgasm’ where multiple stimulators are used in various erogenous zones, are the best and most intense type of orgasms.


There are, of course, some women who find themselves unable to reach orgasm with a partner. In these cases, women need to go back to basics and ‘learn’ how to become orgasmic. You need to learn a bit more about your anatomy and physiology and then trust your partner enough to ‘let go’ mentally and try to relax your way into an orgasm. Sex therapy and treatment is also available if this becomes a serious or ongoing problem.

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