How to Improve Your Sex Life With a Few Easy Methods

Everyone goes through emotional peaks and troughs when it comes to their sex life. When sex is good, you entire life benefits, from your physical wellness through to your self-confidence and emotional wellbeing. When your sex life is not on track, however, it can have a really negative effect on your self-esteem, your general outlook and of course your intimacy with your partner.


It is possible to get things back on track, however, and by reading this article you are taking the vital first step: acknowledging that there is a problem.


It may sound like outdated advice, but the best first step you can do is to go and buy some sexy lingerie. Think about these not as a present for your partner but as a present for yourself. In order to improve your sex life, the key is not try trying to make yourself more attractive to your partner (who, let’s face it, probably thinks you are drop dead gorgeous no matter how you look), but to feeling that you are a sexy and confident woman. A sexy undergarment can really make your mind tune into sex and make you feel more ready.


Sometimes the issue when a sex life has gone off the boil is time. In modern lives, especially when people are raising a family, finding time to reconnect and make love can be tricky. One thing to try is to pick a day and both come home one hour early from work. Use this extra time to have a bit of intimate time (whether that be actual sex or a cuddle on the sofa, or a walk whilst holding hands). This precious time together will help to boost your bond.


Another way to achieve this is to have one day a week when TV is banned. If you are unable to simply sit and goggle at the TV all night you will be forced to interact more with your partner and to rediscover the intimacy that is often lost to the mindlessness of television.

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