The Secret to Making Your Skin Beautiful in Five Minutes

If, like many of us, you have been guilty of neglecting the wellness of your skin, you might feel that it’s going to be a long and difficult process to put any kind of anti-aging routine into place. Fortunately, that is not the case. It is actually possible to take just five minutes per day to get your skin looking fantastic, and this will boost your confidence and wellbeing in all kinds of areas of life.


First of all – exfoliate. To make this super quick, you can use an instant exfoliating cleansing wipe or pad that you can buy from most supermarkets. This will gently remove the dead skin cells and leave your face feeling perfectly smooth.


You should also make sure that you use a cleaners that doesn’t add any oil or moisturiser to your skin, but that ideally does contain glycolic or salicylic acid to help stop any acne breakouts in their tracks. You can even try a gently sulphate-free cleansing cloth to iron out wrinkles.


Be especially careful if you have eczema, rosacea or any other type of inflammatory skin condition, as these can make your skin flare up. Look out for products containing aloe vera or cucumber as they can help to reduce your skin’s inflammation.


You could also look into applying a daily face mask, which come in ready-made packs. This only needs to go onto your skin for two minutes, and can contain gentle products to help hydrate your skin. You should look out for moisturising ones that contain anti-oxidants and vitamin c, as well as peptides and retinol.


When you take off the mask, make sure that you have rinsed your face completely, or it can become irritating to your skin.


Make sure that you finish off with a moisturiser that has an SPF of at least 30 and ideally much higher to protect you from sun exposure.

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