Is Kim Kardashian’s Post Pregnancy Weight-Loss Safe

Kim Kardashian had always been famous for her impressive figure and it has been something she has managed to maintain through her celebrity lifestyle. So when she became a mother there was some talk about whether she would be able to return to her trim body shape of the past or whether she would hold on to the pregnancy weight for a long time. But we didn’t have to wonder long, as it was revealed not long after she had given birth that she had been able to drop 25 pounds thanks to the Atkins Diet.


It seems that she has been able to drop the weight by following this high protein diet that puts an emphasis on eating vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, as well as lean meats like chicken and turkey and getting important nutritional fats from sources such as avocado and nuts. The Atkins diet is one of the more famous methods of weight loss and it has been popular for a long time. It emphasises eating virtually no carbohydrates and filling up instead on foodstuffs that are very high in protein. But is this a safe way to lose weight, and has Kim Kardashian done the right thing in her plan for weight loss?


There was a certain level of controversy surrounding her use of the Atkins diet because she was sponsored to use the Atkins diet for her weight loss. This might suggest that she had foregone alternative, and perhaps healthier, ways to losing weight in order to receive the money for the sponsorship of Atkins. This seemed like a worrying step for people to be taking as it promotes putting money before the good of your health. However, Kardashian did indeed manage to lose the weight and supposedly was very happy with the results of the Atkins diet, so if it was effective and did the job she wanted, perhaps there does not need to be such criticism.


According to the experts at Atkins Nutrionals, Kardashian would have been generally eating a breakfast of either an omelette or Greek yoghurt. This would be followed by a snack of either fresh vegetables and a dip or an ounce or two of nuts. Lunch and dinner would be similar meals – generally full of lean meats, vegetables and a dressing. It was the object of the exercise to pace the weight loss and not to try to lose too much too quickly. She was on a diet of around 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day including a small amount of carbohydrates.


Many people criticise the Atkins diet because it places such an emphasis on meat. This means that it is both very high in fat and protein. The problem is that these are known to make you more likely to have problems with your heart or other issues. However, the people at Atkins contend that there are problems with any diet and that if you can ensure that you mainly eat lean meats and healthy proteins this can reduce a lot of the risks.


The diet may have helped Kim Kardashian lose the weight, but she had the help of specific doctors and well regarded nutritionists. Most people cannot afford or would not know how to get this kind of help with their weight loss. While the Atkins diet clearly can be a healthy and effective way of losing weight, it should not be relied upon as there are clearly certain risks that come with it. It might be best to stick with more traditional and standard ways of weight loss.

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