Do You Know Everything You Should About the Female Orgasm?

You may feel at your most sexual when slinking around in a pair of glamorous high heels, but did you know that this simple item of clothing could actually have a damaging effect on your wellness and wellbeing?


A recent study has revealed that many different little-known facts about female sexuality. For example, did you know that women can get pregnant a full eight days after they last have sex? Sperm live for a long time, so can hang around and be ready to pounce on the egg as soon as it is released.


Another factoid that was revealed was that sitting down for too long can actually dampen women’s ability to orgasm, and that orgasms can make women more creative. Being well hydrated can improve orgasms too, and birth control pills can dampen them. The research showed that birth control pills not only dampen libido but also reduce sensitivity in the nerve endings around the vagina.


Despite the wealth of information that is coming to light about female sexuality, the female orgasm is still something that many men and women struggle to achieve. The important thing to bear in mind is that what works with one woman may not work with another, as every woman is unique. The one thing that all women have in common is that they work on a very cerebral level, and that the best way to stimulate a woman is through her mind.


The female G Spot is also something that you could explore together, on the path to finding a better orgasm. This is an area located on the back vaginal wall, which may be part of the clitoris and can be quite erotic for some women.


For many women, the clitoris is the most important part of vaginal intercourse and stimulation of it is the best way to help a woman reach orgasm.

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