Three Boutique Workouts that Everyone Is Talking About

If you’re looking to lose weight in time for Christmas, look no further:  we’ve got wind of the latest boutique workout crazes, and we’re passing our insider knowledge on to you. These are the classes you need to try right now if you’re ready to get your wellness in shape:


1. SoulCycle: This full-body spinning workout is not like your ordinary spinning class. What sets it apart is the community-feel, as well as the fact that it pays attention to your spiritual wellbeing. Instructor Danny Kopel adds that there’s almost an art to the way in which each class’ soundtrack is put together and choreographed. ‘SoulCycle is emotional and spiritual,” says Kopel. ‘When you leave, you feel like you’ve been taken on a journey.’ This cardio workout also challenges you to work from you core so that you protect your joints (whilst also building up some impressive abs). You also develop long and lean muscles due to the class’ arm series with light weights and push-ups. SoulCycle has developed a bit of a cult-like following as it is so much fun to do. If you’re a beginner, you might find your glutes and hamstrings tire out a couple of songs into the 45 minute class, but instructors and the music will give you all the encouragement you need to keep going.


2. Ballet Beautiful: Developed by Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful is a system of exercises and stretches that increases your flexibility whilst also sculpting, toning and strengthening your body. According to Bowers, ‘I think that every woman has the ability to transform her body. What I do with Ballet Beautiful is make the body really long and lean — it’s a lot of strengthening through your center and core and your back and upper body for beautiful posture.’ Through standing routines and mat work on the floor, Ballet Beautiful brings up your heart rate and sculpts your muscles – leading to a change in just a matter of weeks. You walk differently, feel more lifted, stand up straighter, and feel tighter. However, if you’ve not seen Black Swan and you think that ballet is just a lovely dance for sissies, think again. In the class, your body burns like crazy — causing you feel muscles working that you’ve never used before, especially through your glutes, hips, outer thighs, and deep through the abs.


3. Chaise 23: Unlike the other two boutique workouts on this list, the Chaise 23 doesn’t exactly do what it says on the tin – possibly because a fusion of 80s aerobics, Pilates, and Olympic lifting is quite tricky to fit into a pithy title. However, that hasn’t stopped fitness enthusiasts flocking to Chaise 23 classes, as the results speak for themselves. Created by Lauren Piskin, who discovered the power of working out with a chair 11 years ago, Chaise 23 is a workout method that takes place entirely – you guessed it – on a chair, albeit one that has been equipped with a bungee system and resistance pedal. Through a combination of this bungee system overhead with plyometrics, your heart rate becomes lifted whilst you simultaneously work your muscles. While the tresses from overhead with the bungee system (that come in light, medium, and heavy) will give you sculpted arms, you don’t have to worry about bulking up, Hulk-style. The cardio and core exercises work toward a leaner look. You may be a little sore and very sweaty afterwards, but you get used to it with time and practise. If you’re worried about trying out the class, why not do legwork on a chair at home with a resistance band on a hook or anything tied to the ceiling? Just make sure you engage your core for leg lifts in the front and sides as well as adductors and abductor leg moves.

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