Has Your Weight Loss Plateaued? How to Get Back on Track

When you are focusing hard on your weight and fitness, you will often find that things go brilliantly at first and then after a while they plateau. Continuing to exercise will, of course, benefit your wellness and wellbeing, but it can be quite disheartening to do so if you feel that you are not really seeing the results.


The good news is that this happens to everyone. No matter how hard they work or what they do, everyone inevitably hits a stage where their goals just seem a little bit unattainable. This happens because your body has adapted to the workout routine, and it happens to both newbies and seasoned fitness experts. You can break through this plateau, however, and continue on the path to getting the results that you want and you deserve.


Most people start a fitness plan by losing weight and gaining some muscle tone, but it is typically around the four to six week mark that they notice that the scales suddenly aren’t dropping like they were, or that your waistline won’t shrink the way it was previously. This should be taken as a sign that you need to change your fitness routine. Your body has adapted to the exercise that you have been doing, and you are not putting the same strain on it that you were at the start of your new routine. It is important, therefore, that you mix it up and start varying the exercises that you do. This is called Muscle Confusion.


Muscle Confusion is when you add different exercises and alternate the exercises that you do in your fitness routine. This forces your muscles to adapt, and this makes them stronger and more defined. In addition to varying your workout, you should also increase the number of reps that you do of your exercises, as this will help to increase the number of calories that you are burning, leading directly to weight loss.

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