Exercise or Sexercise? Which Do Most Women Prefer?

A recent survey has shown that – understandably – around 76 percent of women would rather have a sexual workout than an actual workout at the gym, especially when they are feeling tired. This was reported in the Daily Mail recently.


The survey showed that women valued their sexual wellness and wellbeing above any fitness goals, but that when the two were linked together, a fantastic combination could be created. Women were far more likely to say yes to a sex session if they thought that it was likely to help them to lose weight, and were also far more keen to carry out household chores if they thought that they burned a considerable number of calories.


Sex is more appealing to most women than walking or running on a treadmill down at the gym, and of course there are financial benefits to not attending a gym, too. It is thought that expensive gym membership fees are a big part of the reason why many women are keen to find alternative ways to exercise.


Even women who do have gym memberships still agree that they would far rather work out between the sheets in the evening rather than slogging it out in the gym, even if they happen to be feeling tired.


Kerry McCloskey, a leading sexpert, has even claimed recently that 30 minutes of sex can burn up to 350 calories, depending on how ‘active’ your session is. Around 50 minutes of kissing (if you can sustain it for that long!) also burns off around 200 calories, according to the survey. At the same time, doing household chores such as mopping the floor or vacuuming for around 30 minutes a day can also burn off around 120 calories every day.


Sexual exercise also has other benefits as well, of course, as it can boost cardio health, help to ease depression, reduce stress, provide relief from pain and could even extend your life.

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