Home Care vs Nursing Home Care: Which One Suits Your Senior?

How can our senior age safely? Actually this is a tricky question. When it comes to our senior loved ones, we want to give them the best form of health care and to make sure they are well taken cared off. However, health care can be offered in two ways: Home care and Nursing home care. So which one suits your senior?


Sometimes, thinking about senior health care can be confusing. That is why it is vital to scrutinize carefully every aspect to come up with the best decision. Many factors should be well contemplated to avoid risking the health and safety of your senior.


Why Nursing Home Care?

Nursing home has always been an option to cater seniors. Some people choose to bring their senior in a nursing home because of the technology advancement that can help provide better healthcare. Depending on the specific location, most nursing homes have in-house medical practitioners, high-tech gadgets and state-of-the-art facilities. All of these can be of great help in improving the health of your senior.


Seniors with serious malady need to have immediate medical attention and round the clock monitoring. Thus, taking your senior to a nursing home is perceived as the most suited option. If no one at home can keep an eye on your senior, nursing homes have health care providers who can watch over your elderly 24/7. This means your senior can receive a quick response in case his/her illness attacks especially if medical apparatus is needed.


Why Home Care?

Some seniors find it difficult to live in a nursing home. Why? They are close to their family. Thus, taking them to any healthcare facility can cause loneliness and even cause depression which can endanger their health. Many seniors want to stay at home simply because they are familiar with the place. Familiarity can help them navigate and move around without much aid. Being around with family can be beneficial to the seniors. They can interact to any family member without hesitation. They can play with the little ones.


Being at home allows the elderly to continue what they love to do in a familiar surrounding. There is no adjustment period needed unlike in nursing home. Another notable benefit of home care is the fact that you do not have to shell out huge amount of money for pricey nursing home. All you need to do is to look for a dependable caregiver who is willing to work in your home. Or you can ask any of your family member if they can watch over your senior while you work.



There are several considerations that you must think of to help you decide which type of healthcare suits your senior.


  • Budget – Can you afford to take your senior in a nursing home? Indeed, there are cheap nursing homes, but are they capable of giving the best health care service? Think about it.
  • Emotion – Is it okay with you to be separated from your senior? Or is your senior okay being away from you?
  • Quality of Care – Examine carefully the quality of care given at the nursing home. Is it well equipped? Are you sure your senior will be in good hands? Will your senior receive the needed health care service? For home nursing, is your caregiver qualified enough?


When talking about health care, it is very important to take it slow. Never make any rash decision. Try to talk to your senior and hear them out. Ask them what they think about staying in a nursing home. A few seniors consider living on their own home. If this is the case, you may look for a comfortable place for them like those apartments for rent in Houston or in Atlanta. Listening to their ideas can help you come up with most ideal decision.

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