Is Having Sex in the Shower as Hot as it Looks?

Having sex in the shower is often touted as an amazing sexual experience – but is it really? Trying new things is undoubtedly good for your wellness and wellbeing, and movies such as Blue Valentine and Skyfall build up sex in the shower to be some kind of sexual highlight. It seems very daring and romantic, and – best of all – can be done in the comfort and safety of your own home (unlike joining the mile high club!)


So what is the truth about sex in the shower – is it really as sexy as it seems? In truth – the answer is no. Whilst steamy, in a literal sense, and providing a bit of a thrill as you try something new, having sex in the shower is cramped, dangerous and overall rather anticlimactic. It’s one to avoid, unfortunately.


Shower sex comes with a big risk of slipping and falling. When you are wet (and possibly soapy) and attempting to do acrobatics under a stream of water, the risk of losing your footing is fairly high. Think about it – do you want to be naked and covered in soap when the paramedics arrive to deal with your broken leg?


In addition to this, water actually dries out the vagina and therefore you have to use a silicone-based lubricant in order to make things comfortable. Whipping out a lubricant halfway through a steamy shower session is hardly part of the romantic picture that you conjure up for yourself when you imagine shower sex. Having sex in the shower also makes using a condom far more difficult, due to the water, the positioning and the acrobatics involved with attempting to put one on under a stream of water and in a small room filled with steam. It also rather interrupts the ‘flow’ (if you will) of the traditional romp in the shower scenario.

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