The Best Kept Sexual Secrets That Most Men Don’t Know

There are a lot of things that men don’t know about female sexuality and sexual wellness. To safeguard their own wellbeing through self-confidence and self-esteem, women often don’t reveal their deepest sexual secrets to men – and of course some women are not even aware of how much men don’t know about how they tick!


First of all, did you know that women get turned on by other women? We’re not saying that all women are lesbians, of course, or anything like that, but women get aroused by a huge variety of erotica, including scenarios that involve two women. Whilst this does not mean that your partner is likely to be suggesting a threesome with the receptionist from your office, it does mean that they can become aroused by different images to the ones their partners may expect. This is entirely different to straight men, who do not generally become aroused by homosexual erotica (and indeed gay men, who do not become aroused by heterosexual erotica).


Body image is also very closely connected to sexuality for women. Women who feel great about their bodies (and their genitals in particular) are far more likely to be sexually open, will find it easier to reach orgasm, and are more likely to take care of their bodies, such as doing breast exams on themselves or attending gynaecological examinations.


Women also fear emotional infidelity from their significant others far more than physical infidelity (and for men it is the exact opposite). Women dislike the idea of male/female friendships, flirting, platonic lunches and ex-girlfriends as they feel that they are a threat.


Women can also be physically aroused without being mentally ‘in the mood’. The body can become aroused even if a woman is not feeling sexually attracted to their partner (which is why prostitutes can work even if they do not feel attracted to their clients).

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