The Benefits of a Dry Spell: Why No Sex Can Be a Good Thing

Being stuck in a sexual rut may not be as damaging for your wellness and wellbeing as was previously believed. We live in a society where many people believe that if you are not having sex then your life is somewhat of a failure. If you are not having sex, your friends often look at you in a pitying way, and try to console you with the thought that you will have sex again one day.


Whether you’re having a dry spell through choice or because you are stuck in a rut, recent research shows that it is normal part of a healthy life pattern. The same research also shows that not having sex is not associated with any adverse health risks of any kind.


There are health benefits to having sex, of course, such as the good that it does for your heart, the fact that it makes you live longer and look younger and so on, but there are also some great benefits to not having sex, too.


When you are not having sex, your body becomes stronger. Sexual impulses make the body weak, and some even believe that diseases can take hold far more easily if your body is weak due to giving in to sexual impulses. So, you might not be getting any sex but at least you’ll not be getting the ‘flu either!


Your self-worth will also improve, as you will not be basing your image and self-worth on the opinions of others. You will find that your insecurities lessen and that you learn to love yourself.


Without having regular sex, you are also far more likely to stay slim and trim. This is because you will have far more time for working out at the gym and you will not be getting ‘comfortable’ with a new partner, binge eating on the sofa together.

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