5 Household Items Appliances That Could be Hurting your Health

Household appliances are certainly a convenience for any home. Whether you need to dry your clothes or cook a freshly-made omelet, household appliances make the task a lot easier. Unfortunately, some of the most common household appliances pose serious safety risks. Here are five household items that could be hurting your health.

Cell phones

From children to senior citizens, it seems that everyone is using cell phones these days. However, quite a few reputable studies have documented the potential hazards of using a cell phone. Although there is not any conclusive evidence as of yet, the radio frequency energy emitted by cell phones could have a link to certain cancers. Experts suggest minimizing bodily contact with the cell phone whenever possible.

High-powered sound systems

Many people, especially teenagers and young adults, tend to listen to very loud music. Regrettably, these high-powered stereo systems could cause serious damage to a person’s ear drums. Even when using headphones, decibel levels of over 104 can snap the tiny hairs that surround the inner ear. Although the effects of loud music may not be noticeable at first, it can gradually deteriorate the structure of the ear over time.

Faulty garbage disposal

A home’s garbage disposal unit is a breeding ground for illnesses. The remnants of the leftover garbage can cause harmful bacteria to quickly multiply. For example, a clogged garbage disposal unit in Houston could result in a persistent cough and nagging allergy symptoms. Call a reputable service such as K & S Repairs  to fix your disposal and eliminate future problems.

Microwave oven

One of the most frequently used household appliances, the microwave, could also be one of the most dangerous. The radiation that is discharged from a microwave could cause a slew of health problems. A simple high school experiment proved that water that was exposed to a microwave could kill a plant in a matter of days. Furthermore, the radiation of a microwave is capable of passing through a wall.

Gas heater

Some homeowners are starting to replace electric heating units with gas heaters. Although they are a very effective heating source, the fumes of a defective gas heater can cause devastating breathing problems. The buildup of carbon monoxide could even kill the residents in their sleep.


Although some household items are indeed useful, a certain level of caution should be kept at all times. To prevent any potential problems, make sure they every appliance is properly maintained.

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