Men’s Sexual Health: How to Improve Your Bedroom Performance


All men want to take care of their wellness, be it by watching what they eat, getting exercise on a regular basis, and/or managing the stress in their lives. However, what you may not realise is that you can similarly take care of your sexual health, and protect your wellbeing against problems before they occur. So, what do you need to keep in mind in order to maximise you sexual health?


1. Healthy Diet: You may not think that what you put in your body impacts your sexual performance, but it does! Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, whole grains and low-fat milk can keep your “sexual” system in good working order, particularly if you pay close attention to vitamins B3, B6, B9, C and E. These vitamins work to enhance your blood flow, sperm activity and sex hormone production.


2. Regular Exercise: Sure, sex can provide a good workout, but if you don’t engage in regular activity outside of the bedroom, you may soon find yourself experiencing sexual problems – plus your partner won’t mind a little less flab and a little more tone! Check with your physician, and then start a program of regular exercise that includes walking, cycling, tennis or whatever you find enjoyable.


3. Stop Smoking: Aside from all the other disastrous things smoking does to your health, many doctors agree that smoking can be a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men. The majority of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) are smokers, studies have found, as smoking damages the small arteries that feed blood to your penis. Research also shows that smoking reduces the number and quality of your sperm. Moreover, no woman wants you to whisper sweet nothings in her ear if she has to put up with your fag breath, so speak to your doctor or look online for information about quitting.


4. Drink Less Alcohol: Alcohol may make you feel sexier by lowering your inhibitions, but it also reduces your libido, causes erection problems, and often impairs your ability to have an orgasm – so what’s the point? Also, drinking too much alcohol increases your risk of developing ED, so try to cut back to the recommended amount of three to four units a day.


5. Manage Your Stress: When you’re stressed, the exhaustion, worry and nervousness that comes along with that can also feed into your sexual problems. By learning stress management techniques and finding ways to handle anger and sadness, you will be doing your part to maintain your sexual health (and your sanity).


6. Do Kegel Exercises: Kegels are usually exercises women do to increase sexual enjoyment, but men can also do them to delay ejaculation and heighten orgasms. This is because Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles that connect the base of your penis with your tailbone, and these are the muscles that control the flow of fluids through your urethra. To locate the right muscles, stop your flow while peeing. The muscles that do these are the ones you need to contract, exhaling as you do so and inhaling when you release. Contract and release for four to 10 seconds, three times a day, and you’ll gradually build up their strength, and your pleasure.


7. Use lubricants: As you grow older, it’s common to experience a gradual loss of sensitivity in your penis.  However, using lubricants can help to increase your sexual enjoyment by giving you a freer range of motion.


8. Maintain a Positive Attitude: Studies have proven that you’re less likely to experience problems in your sex life if you have a positive attitude towards life, so try to see the bright side, and enjoy the benefits!

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