Tricks From Around the World to Improve Your Sex Life


It is a little known fact that around 30 percent of American women report that they have a low level of sexual desire. Not only does this affect their sexual wellness and wellbeing, it also puts them at risk for other conditions, both physical and emotional.


Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to boost your libido, and the inspiration for many of these comes from all the corners of the globe.


In many countries, spicy food is used to help get the blood flowing to the extremities. Spicy food also naturally turns up the ‘heat’ levels in the body, and boosts your metabolism. In Mexico, Jalapeno peppers and Habanero chillies are used to spice up food and spice up sex lives. In Louisiana, Tabasco sauce is a staple. It is a very hot and spicy sauce, made from mashed up red peppers, vinegar and salt. In India, of course, curry is the spiciest food on the menu and it comes in various different colours and intensities. It mixes hot turmeric with spices and is a staple food for many. In Thailand, Sriracha is a very hot chilli sauce that is frequently used to add a bit of kick to the menu. In Japan, a Japanese horseradish sauce called Wasabi is frequently found in the sushi. Finally, in South Africa, Peri Peri sauce is very popular and is made from Peri Peri chillies.


Yoga is also used around the world to help improve sexual health. It can increase flexibility, thereby making for a more exciting sex life. It is used in various places through the world, and there are even certain yoga poses that are directly linked to better sex, such as the eagle pose, which directs the blood flow into your pelvis, making a relaxed, warm sensation and directly being linked to arousal and desire.


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