The Sex Tricks That All Women Wish You Knew


Men – do you think that your sexual prowess is as good as it could be? Your emotional wellness and wellbeing is closely linked to how you feel you ‘perform’ as a man, so what could you be doing better? We’ve interviewed many woman about what they want, need and desire and explored sexual wishes from women of all ages, and are ready to reveal the tricks that all women wish that you knew.


First of all – get talking. We don’t mean that every woman automatically enjoys a bit of dirty talk (although many do!) but women are aroused by what they hear as well as what they feel. If you communicate effectively with a woman she will feel connected to you, and this will lead to an increased desire for intimacy.


Increased contact can also be vital for better sex – and we don’t just mean in the throes of passion. Sit together on the sofa, kiss hello and goodbye and hold hands when walking down the street. This kind of casual contact leads women to feel more connected and intimate with a partner, and this will lead to more intimate, mind blowing sex.


Don’t just feel that you need to stick to the bedroom, either. Women love a bit of variety, and so next time try seducing her in the living room, spare room, kitchen or even at a fancy hotel. The change of location leads everything to seem new and exciting, and this will lead to far hotter sex.


Adding a little danger can spice things up too – why not try having sex in a semi-public place such as a parked car or outdoors in a secluded spot? Make sure you’re not actually going to get caught, or you really could be arrested and that would not look good on your CV. Even the thrill of feeling like you ‘could’ be caught will lead to a very sexy, steamy session, though.

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