Are You Thinking of Visiting a Sexual Health Clinic?

Sexual health clinics are very important for those who want to look after their wellness and wellbeing whilst enjoying an active sex life. They are often invaluable for young people in particular, who can visit them for contraceptive advice, sexual health advice, testing or treatment. Some places are for all ages and some are specifically for young people. You can get free condoms from a sexual health clinic, and many places also offer pregnancy testing, contraception prescriptions and advice and testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


If you have never visited a sexual health clinic before, you will probably be a little nervous, but there is really no reason to worry at all. Sexual health clinics will be friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental of you; the staff are trained professionals who just want to help.


No matter what age you are when you visit the sexual health clinic, your visit will be confidential, which means that nobody else will have to be informed that you have visited the clinic. If you are under 16, however, the staff will probably want to make sure that you have understood any information which could relate to your ongoing wellness. The only time that staff may have to break your confidentiality is if you tell them something which could mean that they have serious concerns about your safety or the safety of someone else, but even in these cases they will explain to you why further action needs to be taken, and why.


Relationship abuse is also something that a sexual health clinic can help you deal with. If you are worried that you are in an abusive relationship, you can talk to staff without fear of judgement and they will direct you towards further help and support.

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