First Time Sex – How to Make Sure it Goes Well

Having sex for the first time can be a nervwracking experience. You may worry that your sexual prowess will not match up to expectations, and your emotional wellness and wellbeing can be shaken by the idea that you may prove to be a disappointment between the sheets.


The pressure is particularly piled on when you read studies, such as a recent one conducted by a sex therapist, which says that most women consider first-time sex to be an indicator of how the relationship will progress.


There are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that everything goes well when in the sack with a new partner for the first time.


First of all, don’t forget about kissing. Women like the sensuality of kissing, and it also serves to reassure them that you are not simply interested in sex. Most women would not consider sex that was not precluded by a kissing session, and almost two thirds of women have reportedly ended a relationship because the kissing failed to live up to expectations, too. Don’t be a sloppy kisser – lightly tracer her lips with your tongue and alternate soft kisses with gently sucking on her lips.


When you are in bed, make sure you spend a good length of time on the upper regions of the body, before descending to anything southerly. Spend at least 15 minutes gently kissing and caressing her upper body before moving down. Most women need at least eight minutes before they are ready for direct clitoral stimulation, so double this to be on the safe side and then you can be sure that she’s ready for it.


If you receive the right encouragement, try out your oral skills too. Most women reported in a poll that they were happy for men to do oral sex during their first time in bed – and if you do it right it will reflect well on you.

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