Quiz: Could you be having problems with your sex life?


There is a belief that a man thinks about sex 8,000 times a day. Although there is no evidence confirming this, our question and answer section is testimony to the fact that men are definitely very worried about their sexual health and performance. So, to help resolve all those questions, here is a quick quiz  that will tell you exactly where you stand. 

Q. How long should you take to ejaculate?

a. Intercourse must continue for 30 to 40 minutes

b. 3 to 5 minutes after penetration

c. It should take less than a minute

Answer (b): Porn has led many men to think that 30 to 40 minutes is how long an erect penis should last. However, this notion is incorrect as porn is staged and is often performed with cuts. According to studies, the average time that a man should take to ejaculate is between 3 to 5 minutes. (Read: Premature ejaculation: Beat it for real!)

Q. Which of these can lead to infertility?

a. Being overweight

b. Kegels exercise

c. Using lubricants for sex

Answer (a): Most fat men tend to have high cholesterol which causes clogged arteries and prevents efficient blood flow. They also tend to have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, higher stress levels and other obesity related issues which don’t bode well for your penis. (Read: 10 things that could cause infertility)

Q. Which of these factors cannot lead to premature ejaculation?

a. Performance anxiety

b. Neurological disorder

c. Over confidence

Answer (c): Over confidence cannot cause premature ejaculation. However, performance anxiety and nervousness can. Also, life long patients of premature ejaculation may be suffering from a chemical imbalance in their brain, which lowers their ejaculatory threshold. (Read: Male sex problems mega guide – tips to deal with erectile dysfunction, penis size, premature ejaculation and more…)

Q. Which among these is a health benefit of masturbation?

a. Reduced risk of prostate cancer

b. Reduced risk of heart disease

c. Reduced risk of osteoporosis

Answer (a): A 2003 Australian study observed that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were less likely to develop prostate cancer. Masturbating flushes your system and prevents cancerous cells from building up. (Read: Masturbation: Is it bad for you? (Expert speak))

Q. Can you increase your penis size by exercising it?

a. Yes, there are devices available in the market that can help you do that.

b. No, it’s not possible.

c. Masturbation is the only exercise it can get

Answer (b): Unlike the muscles on your shoulders and chest, you cannot increase your penis size by exercising it. Rings, vacuum pumps and other devices sold in the market that claim to do so are bogus and you should stay away from them. (Read: Penis size – should you really worry about it?)

Q. Which of these is not a technique to beat premature ejaculation?

a. Seman’s manoevure

b. Squeeze technique

c. Heimlich manoevure

Answer (c): Heimlich manoeuvre will not help beat premature ejaculation as it is used to rescue a choking victim. 

Q. Which of these is not a sexually transmitted disease?

a. Gonorrhea

b. Osteoporosis

c. Syphillis

Answer (b): Osteoporosis is not a sexually transmitted disease. The term STDs or Sexually transmitted diseases refer to diseases that are transmitted by some form of sexual contact including kissing, oral, anal or vaginal sex.

Q. Who should avoid taking Viagra?

a. People who want to increase their libido

b. People who want to increase the length of their penis

c. All of the above

Answer (c): Viagra isn’t an aphrodisiac. It is not meant for people who want to increase their libido. Nor is it meant for people who want to increase the length and girth of their penis.

Q. Which of these things should you not do to beat performance anxiety?

a. Think about being the ‘perfect lover’

b. Talk to your partner

c. Set aside some alone time

Answer (a): Thinking of being the perfect lover may lead you to set unrealistic expectations, and the pressure created may lead to premature ejaculation. Remember that sex is not about proving yourself. This has nothing to do with proving your manhood. Don’t get trapped in that cycle.

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