Unhealthy Diet World’s Biggest Health Risk

While many countries still struggle with undernutrition and associated health problems, they are increasingly also faced with overweight, and rising burden of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. By 2050, says a report in ‘Scientific Reports’, more than 4 billion people could be overweight, 1.5 billion of them obese, while 500 million people continue to be underweight. This means that with just a handful of rice and beans a part of our world is starved. On the other hand, with Hawaiian Pizza and ice-cream, another part of our world is stuffed, throwing away food every day. Says the study, “We urgently need political measures to create an environment that promotes healthy eating habits. This could include binding regulations that limit the marketing of unhealthy snacks and promote sustainable and healthy meals in schools, hospitals and canteens. A stronger focus on nutrition education is also key, from early education in kindergarten to counselling by medical doctors and nurses. What we eat is of vital importance — both for our own health and that of our planet.”

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