Healthy Food Facts: Five Health Benefits of Eating Turkey

Many people eat turkey in November and December, but turkey is chock full of health benefits that are good for you all year long. With so many different ways to prepare turkey, you will never get bored with this healthy white meat.
Less Saturated Fat
Just about any recipe that calls for ground beef can be replaced with ground turkey. With less saturated fat than beef, turkey has only 12 percent of your recommended allowance of saturated fat per 4 ounce serving. Beef, on the other hand, has as much as 51 percent saturated fat per serving for the fattiest kind. While everyone needs some saturated fat for hormone production, biological function, padding on organs and energy, too much of it can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke according to the American Heart Association.

Full of Protein
With 32 grams per 4 ounce serving, turkey is loaded with protein. Turkey has essential amino acids, which are necessary for many of your body’s and metabolic processes. Plus, protein helps to keep you full longer. One serving of turkey is over half of your recommended daily protein intake.

Many Minerals
Iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorous are just some of the minerals in turkey. Iron is important as a cell growth regulator. Your body needs zinc to support a healthy immune system and stimulate the activity of many bodily enzymes. Potassium ensures proper function of your cells, tissues and organs. Phosphorous helps with cell division in every body tissue. You get between 5 and 15 percent of your daily value of these minerals in one serving of turkey. Turkey aids in energy production because of its vitamin B6 and niacin as well.

Cancer Risk-Reducing Qualities
Another important mineral in turkey is selenium, which is known for its antioxidant properties, boosting immunity and helping with thyroid hormone metabolism. Selenium eliminates cancer-friendly free radicals in your body. Turkey has 52 percent of your daily value of selenium.

Fewer Pesticides and Herbicides
Turkeys that have been raised organically have more health benefits than turkeys who were raised with antibiotics and fed food with pesticides and herbicides. Brands such as Harvestland natural foods ensure their turkeys are fed an all-vegetarian and organic diet, which means you get to eat the healthiest turkey. The turkeys are raised humanely and cage-free as well.

Whether you want ground turkey, whole turkey, chubs, breast, burgers or in Italian sausage form, know that you are getting many health benefits from your turkey.

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