Hygiene Matters: 5 Reasons Your Hygiene Is Important to Women

Hygiene matters to women for a variety of reasons. However, hygiene for a man reaches beyond his personal hygiene that is only obvious when someone is standing right next to him. A man’s personal hygiene affects the lady that he is with when they are on the town, at a private party or alone at home. Each of these reasons why hygiene matters should be taken very seriously by the gentleman.

A Man’s Hygiene Makes Him Approachable
When gentlemen are taking care of themselves and appear to be fresh and clean, they look more approachable to women. While there are reasons why humans have a natural scent, that natural scent tends to be overpowering. The gentleman who works with his natural scent and keeps himself fresh and clean will have more success simply meeting and talking to women.

A Man’s Hygiene Makes Him Easier to Talk To
Gentlemen who take care of their personal hygiene are more likely to carry on long conversations with women because their breath is fresher and their natural scent is more pleasant. Ladies do enjoy a man who smells good, but the man who knows he smells good and has good teeth is going to be more confident and more fun.

A Man Gets a Wardrobe Assist
Many gentlemen who have great hygiene and smell great are also likely to dress well. The gentleman could shop anywhere from Reem to a boutique around the corner, but he is more likely to dress well when he knows that he looks and smells good. A man’s wardrobe makes women interested because clothes are typically of great concern to women. Plus, a gentleman who dresses well looks as if he takes care of himself and is, again, more approachable.

Hair Is Important
While gentlemen may find that they do not need to have their hair cut or styled all that often, they do need to take care to have their hair looking good at all times. A man with a fresh hair style looks more approachable and allows women to think that he will also smell good and have good hygiene. Women can make these determinations from across the room, and the gentleman must work hard to make a good first impression.

Men should invest in manicures to show women that they take care of themselves. The occasional manicure can help a gentleman to look as if he is taking care of himself. Plus, it adds a gentle touch at the end of a date.

Using all of these items to help make the man for attractive and approachable will lead to more success in dating and relationships.

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