The Three Sex Moves Men Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s assumed that men will enjoy any kind of sex, good or bad, and to a certain extent this is kind of true. Men are wired to be more easily gratified in the bedroom than women, but there are ways that men prefer to be turned on and when pressed, these are their favourites. There are specific moves that women perform that drive men wild – here are the top three techniques and positions they enjoy the most, and the good news is that they’re really easy to learn.

Let him watch you

Men are turned on by visuals, so letting him watch you move in a way that’s guaranteed to excite him is a sure fire way to get him aroused. Some men say that watching a woman climax is the ultimate form of arousal for them, and it’s such an easy thing for a woman to do! Few women realise that they can use the discrete masturbatory techniques they normally hide to turn their partner on, but you won’t be disappointed when you do. Next time that you’re in the mood and your partner isn’t feeling it, slip into some sexy lingerie and set yourself into a position he can clearly see, with your legs bent and begin touching yourself. As he sees you getting more aroused, the effect will wear off on him as well. You can guarantee that he’ll be interested in having sex in no time at all!

Stand up your man

Men loved to be stroked, fondled and handled by a woman who knows what she’s doing, so take control of the situation in the bedroom and turn each other on in the process. If he’s having trouble getting an erection, rub a small amount of lubricant or oil onto your hands and place one of your hands firmly around the base of his penis. Slowly and gently work the other hand up from the base to the head in a circular way. Caress the head of the penis with your palm, then begin from the base and start again. You can also pay attention to his testicles if he’s sensitive in this area, as well as the perineum which many men enjoy being stroked or having light pressure being applied to. You may find it arousing for him to gently rub this area with your thumb or forefinger as you stroke the shaft of his penis.

Take matters into your own hands

Hand jobs are one of the best things you can do for your partner, and if you do it right he won’t be disappointed by your efforts! Two hands are always better than one, so begin by lubricating your hands and clasping them around his penis, with your fingers interlaced. Move your hands firmly but gently in one long twisting motion, then repeat it on the way down. When he’s got an erection, you can clasp your hands at the top of the shaft and gently pulse your hands to increase and release the pressure around the head. Finally, when he’s ready to climax, you can help him along by continuing the pressure trick but with your hands around the penis entirely, not just the head, and stroking the underside of his penis as well. He won’t be able to replicate it in the same way himself and so it will be a mind-blowing trick that you can add to your sexual repertoire to really turn him on.

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