Outdoor Sex: The Best Places to Sneak in a Quickie

Having sex outdoors may not be your idea of good sexual health and hygiene, but getting fresh while you’re getting fresh air can work wonders for your wellness. Sure, it doesn’t always work as well in real life as it does in the movies (think sand, sticks, insects), and not-so legal (not that we’re advocating doing anything illegal, of course) but, if you were to get the urge, there are benefits that outdoor sex can have to your wellbeing. Sexual anthropologist Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton asserts, ‘Sex can become monotonous, particularly in long-term relationships. To induce fever into your sex life, get out of the bedroom. Even if you only make it as far as the living room floor, changing the routine makes you more sexually alert.’


That said, try not to get caught, especially by the police. Tracey Cox, author of Superhotsex, notes, ‘Anyone who’s ever had sex outside knows how hot it can be. Just be sensible and you’ll stay out of jail. Assess each situation carefully, stay fully clothed and use props to hide behind, such as a beach umbrella, sarong or picnic blanket.’ And if you’re on holiday, find out the country’s laws about “public relations” as some can be quite strict. Dr Ellwood-Clayton warns, ‘If you’re not aware of the country’s laws and customs, it’s dangerous to engage in behaviour some cultures may consider taboo. My advice? Confine outdoor sex to home soil.’ So, where are the best places to get busy back in Blighty?


1. Party in the Park: Very late in the day, head to the park and find a picnic table. Then, lay on the table while your partner stands in front, and wrap your legs around his waist. According to Tracey Cox, ‘It’s ideal because you’re facing one way, he’s facing the other way, so you can keep watch in both directions.’ Moreover, this position provides perfect stimulation for the A spot, or the smooth, highly sensitive area halfway between your G-spot and cervix.


2. Against a Wall or Tree: With your legs around his hips, wriggle up a large tree trunk or wall, pushing your back firmly against it for support. If you need to, put your arms around his neck and one foot on the ground. For this position, you need to be quick, which is why Jo-Anne Baker, founder of Pleasure Spot, advises using a strap-on butterfly-shaped vibrator to speed up your orgasm. She explains, ‘Obviously, it takes away from the spontaneity, but it’ll rev you up beforehand,’ and it can be easily worn under your clothes.


3. Getting Wet: As your partner sits on the edge of the spa or pool (by the steps), straddle him with your bikini bottoms pulled to the side. That way, you can pretend you’re cuddling or separate in seconds if anyone walks by. Baker directs, ‘Penetration should happen above the water, before you both submerge. This should avoid water used by others getting into the vagina, which could cause an infection.’ If you need to use lube, make sure it’s silicone-based so that it doesn’t wash away.


4. In the Car: Find a secluded spot to park up, and get your partner to scramble onto the backseat first. Emily Dubberley, author of Sex for Busy People, instructs, ‘Facing away from him, sit on his lap with your knees either side of his thighs and clutch the seats in front of you while you bounce up and down. This position lets you control the depth and speed of the thrusts.’ Dr Ellwood-Clayton points out, ‘The back seat is a great option for alfresco novices.’

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