Use White Tea, Witch Hazel and Rose Extract For Health

White tea, witch hazel and rose extract should be at the heart of your anti-aging routine. The effects that these three simple products can have on the wellness and wellbeing of your skin is quite phenomenal, and all of this is backed up by scientific research.

A team of researchers at the University of London took part in a study in collaboration with Neal’s Yard Remedies to find out the effects of white tea, witch hazel and rose extract on human skin cells, studying their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. During the study it was found that actually all three of these substances are extremely good at both preventing and healing incidences of inflammation.

This is important because inflammation causes the vast majority of diseases that can befall the human body, including things like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular problems and arthritis. As inflammation progresses, the diseases develop.

The three substances mentioned above were looked at during the study to measure their anti-collagenase, catalase and anti-elastase activity. The researchers then got some human skin cells and added hydrogen peroxide to stimulate inflammation, before adding these extracts to see what happened. The researchers saw that all three of the products were extremely effective at reducing or even preventing the inflammation.

An earlier study that was carried out on white tea, green tea, witch hazel and rose extract also confirms the results of this study. It also points out that collagenase and elastase are important enzymes in the aging process, as they are partly responsible for the degeneration of cells. This demonstrates that all of these substances also have powerful anti-aging capacities, especially white tea, as it has the highest levels of both these substances.

Another study, done in 2011, also showed that fruit flies who were fed with rose extract had a reduced mortality, showing that this flower extract could help you to live longer.


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