The G Shot: How Is It Transforming Sex Lives?

Everyone these days has heard of the G-spot, and yet many men have never witnessed a G-spot orgasm and women often scoff at the idea of one even existing. If you’re involved with a woman who feels this way about this mystical area of the body, you may both be converted by the concept of the G-shot. Scientists in the USA have found a way to increase a woman’s G-spot with a small injection, making it virtually impossible to miss during sex or foreplay. But how does it work and how much does it cost? The G-shot is a trademarked collagen injection which is intended to increase the size of a woman’s G-spot – it’s being touted as the next big thing. In fact, it’s becoming so popular that women are using their lunch break to drop in on their gynaecologist in America for this nifty treatment. The procedure takes around 30 minutes from start to finish, and will set you back around $1850 for the injection, which only requires local anaesthetic to take place.

Once you’ve had it done, the G-spot is supposed to increase to an amazing inch-wide diameter with a quarter-inch height. That’s pretty large when you consider that G-spots often go completely unnoticed due to their size. The results are immediate and sex is possible within as little as four hours after the procedure. So what are the benefits? The most obvious one is that having the G-spot enlarged to such a size means that it is practically impossible to miss during sex, so the amazing orgasms reported when it’s involved in sexual play are possible to women who have this procedure. Many women report that orgasms reached in conjunction with the G-shot are far better than normal orgasms, particularly where intensity and length of duration are concerned.

The G-shot is also said to increase libido in some women, increasing their sense of sensitivity and even arousal itself. Some women even feel as though the G-shot has revolutionised their sex life, which was considered frustrating beforehand. The results of this procedure last just four months though, so anyone looking to sustain these results would need to keep up with the injections. The man who invented the shot, Dr David Matlock, advertises that the procedure an 87 per cent success rate in terms of women who feel as though the treatment has revolutionised their sex life. His website is keen to state, though, that the G-shot is only intended for women who don’t currently suffer with a sexual dysfunction – it’s only meant as an enhancement rather than a cure for any problems they may have. If you cannot reach orgasms via a normal sexual routine, the G-shot is probably not going to make much difference. The same can be said of women with a low sex drive or a similar condition, as the G-shot is unlikely to increase your sex drive by any significant amount.

The G-shots primary purpose is to make the area large enough that it’s easy to find when you’re having sex with your partner. The testimonials for this treatment almost speak for themselves, but as with any procedure, you should speak to your GP before making any changes, particularly if you’re suffering with some form of sexual dysfunction. If you are, you may find it more beneficial seeking medication for your complaint as this may be more effective in improving your sex life.

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