How do we motivate ourselves to keep exercising?

One of the most beneficial exercises to perform is weight training. For many, attending the gym is a way of building endurance, stamina and, most of all, motivation which is carried through the rest of your lifestyle as well as in gym sessions.

Building muscle and growth is one of the reasons that many join a gym, as often being skinny (particularly for men) can be a less than appealing trait. Furthermore, building endurance can be useful for those who enjoy sports or simply want to be fitter and more energised throughout other tasks in their work or social life.

Those who start exercising after minimal or no previous experience will often find that their fitness level is remarkably low – it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep going when you don’t feel able to do more than the bare minimum. However, within a few months you will start to see results from your efforts, in the form of more energy, improved stamina and increased muscles growth, which will feel like an incredible achievement. The natural feeling of competitiveness, both amongst other people in the gym and against your own previous standards, will spur you on to go that extra mile.

Weight training in particular is a great way of improving both physically and mentally. The benefit of seeing your body and muscle grow from your own efforts is a phenomenal feeling and one which you will want to better each and every time you exercise. This motivation will keep you going to not only improve your fitness but will also improve your career and ambition in your life as well. You don’t always feel like getting off the sofa and working out, but the results you will see when you do make it well worth the effort.

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