Does Vitamin D Reduce The Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis?

We all know that deficiencies in vitamins can cause huge problems for our general wellbeing. Taking in the right vitamins, and the right levels of those vitamins, can be hugely important for our health. Now it seems that it’s not just deficiencies that can cause you problems, correct levels can also help stave off very dangerous diseases. In fact, a new study has even suggested that high levels of vitamin D could be a key factor in preventing multiple sclerosis (MS).

The study, by researchers from Umea University in Sweden, reported that high levels of vitamin D were directly correlated with a lower risk of developing MS. The original goal of the study was to look at the association between levels of vitamin D and the risk of MS in blood samples collected during pregnancy.

The team looked at 291,500 blood samples from 164,000 individuals collected since 1975 in the northern part of Sweden. Vitamin D levels were measured using an ELISA, and the risk of developing MS was analysed using matched logistic regression. The research was into how high levels of vitamin D were associated with a decreased risk of MS with an odds ratio of 0.39.

MS affects women more than men, and the disorder is most common between the ages of 20 and 40, but can be seen at any age. It’s also a progressive disease that gets worse over time. The symptoms vary very widely from person to person, but it’s well known as a debilitating disease to live with.

Some sufferers of MS have nerve damage that happens due to inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the immune system attacks cells in the body. It’s known that genetics plays a big role in whether you are likely to develop MS. But it is best that you do everything you can to avoid this dangerous condition.

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