Prescribed Drugs Could Be Causing Nutrient Deficiencies

Getting good levels of vitamins and minerals into our bodies are hugely important factors to our health and wellness. It’s common knowledge that we really can’t do without them, and deficiencies can cause major health problems. Deficiencies are usually caused by problems within your diet and can be easily fixed, but now it seems that there is a problem that doesn’t have such an easy solution.

It seems that many prescription drugs may actually be causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies in patients. A large number of drugs appear to cause nutrient deficiencies and doctors are not always trained in all of the side effects. This could mean that many people who are on prescription drugs are deficient in essential nutrients without knowing it.

If you are currently taking prescription drugs and are worried you could have low levels of vitamins or minerals, the best suggestion is to see your doctor. They will be able to run tests to ascertain the levels of the important nutrients in your body and recommend ways to get more into your body.

The problem is apparently now quite widespread. Statins, one of the most commonly used drugs for lowering cholesterol, may cause deficiencies in CoQ10, a vitamin that helps our muscles stay strong and help keep our hearts healthy. The worrying aspect is that you could be taking medicine for one reason, only to find out that the medicine itself is causing a number of other problems.

If you are on medications that cause deficiencies for a long time you can suffer from a long list of symptoms. One of the most common is fatigue, but muscular pain and neuropathy are also common. If you have been taking prescribed medication for a while and think you have some of these symptoms, it might be worth consulting your doctor.

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