Can B Vitamins Help To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is something that many people worry about. There is something about a condition that causes you to lose your mental faculties and forget your treasured memories that fills you with fear. It’s known that if you develop mild cognitive impairment (MCI) you have a strongly elevated risk of going on to develop AD too. But now there’s some good news in the fight against AD as it seems scientists have made a breakthrough.

A study, published in the Public Library of Science, showed that large doses of B vitamins were effective reducing the rate of brain shrinkage in patients of MCI. This strongly decreases their chance of going on to develop AD. The study took place over the course of two years, but thanks to the positive findings, the research team are hopeful that further studies will take place to follow up and confirm the results.

The researchers, from Oxford University, were quick to point out that this study does not indicate that people should rush to the shops to buy large quantities of B vitamins. Firstly, the quantities involved are much higher that you could buy over the counter. And also, it is currently uncertain as to whether the B vitamins will have the same effect on healthy people as it did with those with the MCI.

AD is one of the world’s most debilitating diseases, and there are currently very few treatments and no known cure. It is a mind-wasting disease characterised by slow mental decline and memory loss. This then leads to eventual full decline in mental and physical functions. Fortunately, excellent research of this kind is coming up with new ways to combat AD all the time.

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