Fish Is Better Than Supplements For Preventing Strokes

Having a stroke is one of the biggest fears when you grow older. But strokes can actually happen at virtually any time during your life. As more people become aware of this they are taking steps to ensure their wellbeing and make sure that their risk of stroke is kept to a minimum. For many people this means taking supplements to increase the levels of vitamins and minerals in their system.

But new research suggests that adding two servings of fish to your diet could be an important risk of stroke. The study also revealed that taking a fish oil supplement does not seem to provide the same benefit. This was because the long chain fatty acids found in fish oil supplements don’t seem to provide any extra heart protection as had been previously thought.

The researchers looked at 38 studies that included over 800,000 people in 15 countries. People in the study who ate two or more portions of fish every week had a 6 percent lower risk of having a stroke than people who ate fewer portions. Having five or more portions reduced the risk by 12 percent.

The team was not exactly sure why eating fish caused fewer strokes. It’s likely that the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in fish combine to improve cardiovascular health. Another possibility is that eating more fish meant that individuals were eating less red meat, which has been scientifically linked to a higher risk of strokes.

The authors of the study also suggested that people who eat fish are more likely to have a higher socio-economic status and generally lead a healthier lifestyle. More research will be required to understand the full reasons behind the results.

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