Can Milk Possibly Help You To Lose Weight?

Milk is well known as an excellent source of calcium. That means it is great for healthy bones and teeth. Often, however, full-fat milk is recommended to be avoided because of its creaminess and fat content. Now it seems that milk might have a role to play in a fat fighting supplement. Researchers have announced that a natural component in milk, when provided in high doses, increases metabolism and prevents obesity.

The findings from the study, which was published  in Cell Metabolism, indicates that this may open up the possibilities for a new fat fighting supplement to be created that would greatly benefit many obese people.

The research links back to studies that revealed Resveratrol, a popular ingredient in red wine, boosts the levels of a metabolism-increasing gene called SIRT1. However, it’s not possible to drink enough red wine to get enough of an increase to make a difference. As such scientists looked into the possibility of using extracts of Resveratrol in a supplement.

Now it has been revealed that red wine isn’t the only drink that can provide fat fighting effects. The researchers on the new study found vitamin-like component of milk called nicotimamide riboside (NR) that leads to the creation of SIRT1.

In the study, mice were given supplements of NR in high doses alongside high-fat meals. It was found that the NR allowed them to burn more fat and protected them from developing obesity. An added benefit was that the mice became fitter and able to run for longer because of the enhanced muscle development.

As with red wine, it is unlikely that a person would be able to consume enough milk for it make a difference to them. But if the substance can be concentrated into a supplement it could become genuinely useful in fighting fat and obesity.

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