Whey Protein Supplements Have Proven Health Benefits

A versatile nutritional supplement, whey protein is used by athletes and non-athletes alike to build muscle and increase strength. Whey is the liquid by-product of cheese making and because it has the benefits of milk without many of the allergies linked to milk, it is a good alternative protein for the lactose intolerant.

We all need protein as part of a balanced diet. These essential nutrients build body tissue and are a source of fuel and energy for our bodies. Whey protein is particularly effective because it contains all nine essential amino acids that increase digestion.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to take whey protein in supplement form, either as a drink or in bars. Body builders and athletes looking to build their strength want to build muscle mass and stay lean, and they need extra fuel because of the energy they expend in exercise. Children and teens who are still growing might benefit from extra protein, while pregnant women can get a boost that benefits them and their unborn child. Illness or injury is another reason to boost your protein intake, while older people may find whey protein beneficial for their overall health.

The proteins that do the most good in the body have a high Biological Value (BV) – for example, the protein contained in an egg can be absorbed and retained by the body quicker than almost any other protein except whey. That gives whey a great advantage over other proteins as one that works very quickly and effectively.

Whey proteins are also shown to have proven beneficial effects on, for example, healing wounds, in repairing damaged tissue and cells, while its potential as an anti-inflammatory and in cancer treatments is still being explored.

Whey protein is currently available in supplement form such as in smoothies, shakes, bars and water.

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