Does Your Skin Need You To Drink Green Tea?

Green tea is often thought of as the health drink, with many using it for its antioxidant properties. Now, green tea is being made available as a supplement, designed to boost the wellbeing of your skin. New research has indicated that green tea supplements actually have properties that help to protect the skin from harmful UVA rays, and to repair any damage that has already happened to the skin.

The study was carried out by asking participants to take this green tea supplement for a program of 12 weeks. After this time, it was shown that the skin appeared to have far less inflammation markers when exposed to UVA rays.

Researchers from the University of Manchester, Leeds and Bradford were excited about the results of the study, which seem to show for the first time that the green tea catechins could be taken up by the human body and absorbed into the skin, providing long-lasting protection from sun damage.

This is one of the first times that skin has been looked at in relation to the effects of green tea, as previously the substance has mainly been studied in relation to the wellness of the metabolic system, and in relation to certain types of cancer, oral health and cardiovascular disease.

All of the participants used in the study were healthy adults with no underlying health conditions, and the study was carried out by giving them a low-dose green tea supplement and observing the effect that UVA rays has on buttock skin both before and after the program of green tea supplement intake.


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